Redtail Crossing Phase I

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80% AMI
2 Bedrooms$1,904 /mo
3 Bedrooms$2,197 /mo
  • Rents do not include gas (heat, hot water), or electricity (includes cooking). Water and Sewer costs are included, as is free parking.

Maximum Allowable Household Income

  • 1 Person Household: $67,400
  • 2 Person Household: $77,000
  • 3 Person Household: $86,650
  • 4 Person Household: $96,250
  • 5 Person Household: $103,950
  • 6 Person Household: $111,650


Interested households should contact the Leasing Office:
director@redtailcrossing.com or visit https://www.redtailcrossing.com/ for more details!

Redtail Crossing is a 100 unit rental apartment community featuring town house style units located at 5 Eagle Brook Boulevard in Wrentham, MA. The units are designed to feel more like a home than an apartment with each unit having its own garage, driveway and private patios for outside lounging and grilling. Besides these features, there is a large open area, walking trails, a restaurant and the publicly accessible Lake Pearl within walking distance. The interior of the units feature Stainless-Steel, Energy-Efficient Appliances, AC, In-Unit Washer and Dryer, and Wood-Style Flooring. Residents are permitted to have 1 dog or cat. Redtail Crossing will be constructed in two phases. Phase I will have a total of 7 affordable two and three bedroom apartments, and the remaining 18 affordable units will be delivered in Phase II.