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Project Eligibility Application 40B Consultants

For developers, entry to the comprehensive permit process begins with a PE application to one of

the Subsidizing Agencies. The application forms differ by agency, but all of them include these basic


„„ Site location and description;

„„ A locus map and photographs of the surrounding area;

„„ The proposed buildings and approximate number units by size (number of bedrooms, floor area)

and type (ownership or rental);

„„ The name of the housing program under which a PE determination is sought;

„„ Preliminary development pro forma;

„„ Relevant project details, such as the percentage of low or moderate income units, income eligibility

standards, the duration of the proposed affordable housing restrictions, and whether the

applicant is a non-profit, public agency, or limited dividend organization;

„„ Conceptual site plan, elevation drawings, and basic site development calculations, e.g., approximate

impervious coverage, approximate open areas, number of parking spaces, and average parking

spaces per unit;

„„ Description of the approach to architectural massing and exterior building materials, and how the

proposed buildings relate to adjacent properties;

„„ A list of proposed waivers of zoning requirements and all other relevant local bylaws, ordinances,

and regulations; and

„„ Evidence of control of the site (usually a purchase and sale agreement or deed).