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MA Affordable Housing Listings

Affordable Housing Lease Addendums: The affordable housing lease addendum attached (or something similar) should be used for every affordable unit lease signing.

Affordable Housing Income Eligibility Criteria
Gross annual household income must not exceed current program income limits. All household income and family composition information reported by the family is subject to verification at the time of application processing and annually thereafter. Gross annual household income including all sources of income and income earned from assets must not exceed program income limits which govern this development. HUD publishes income limits annually. Depending on a unit’s income designated type for which an applicant is applying, a household with a combined income in excess of Low Income Limit-80% of annual median income (AMI) for the Brockton HMFA is not eligible for that respective unit.

Record Keeping
In general, you will want to keep records of all written correspondence with applicants. In particular, be sure to keep records of ALL “letter of notice of availability to prospective tenants” (i.e. the written notices you send households when it is there time to come in and complete a lease application) AND all rejection letters sent to households (i.e. the notices that must be sent when a household fails to respond to a letter of availability or their lease application is denied). Be sure to time stamp all Waiting List applications too.

Tenant Recertification Notices
If a resident’s lease for an affordable unit is not going to be renewed, the notification you give them must be the same notification you would give a market-rate tenant if their lease is not going to be renewed (typically 30-60 days). As it normally takes 15-30 days to obtain a complete application with all documentation to determine tenant eligibility, tenants should be given all materials 100-120 days prior to lease expiration.

Employees Applying For Affordable Units: Applicants who are employees must sign an affidavit stating that there is no “related party” relationship other than that of employer/employee.

Continued Marketing and Reporting Requirements: Please see the other sections of this Plan for those details.

SEB Housing’s Lottery Application Number Letters
(Or, ensuring that the household you approve is the same as the lottery household SEB Housing approved)
For every household that SEB Housing deemed eligible for the lottery, prior to the Lottery you will be given the Lottery Application Number for that household. The Lottery Application Number will have the names of all household members on it and it will include the size of the household. Make sure that the information on the Lottery Application Number is consistent with the information they provided on their lease application as this is the only way to ensure that SEB has reviewed the materials for the same household composition that will be moving into a unit.