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Low Income Affordable Rental Housing

3. When the deadline has passed for all invited households to complete your Lease Application, the Leasing Office must notify the household who was approved with the highest position on the Waiting List that they have 10 days to complete the Certification process. Once the unit has been reserved and a move-in date has been established, the Leasing Office must email SEB Housing to notify them of:
(a) The name of all the household members along with mailing address, phone number, and email address(es)
(b) The move-in date
(c) The income tier of the affordable unit
(d) Confirmation that there are no pending credit or criminal checks.
(e) The number of the unit reserved
(f) Confirmation of whether the household has section 8 or housing subsidy and if household has section 8, confirmation that the leasing office has verified that their housing authority will approve the rents at property

The Leasing Office should notify the household they must be certified as eligible before their move-in date. Households should be encouraged to submit the application and documentation to SEB Housing within a week or two (see “Move-in Dates” on page 5). The Leasing Office can also give the applicant the SEB Information Packet and Program Certification Application (for New Applicants) or wait for SEB Housing to give the applicants that information when SEB Housing is notified of the approval.

If SEB Housing is not notified, SEB will not know to start working with the applicant on their Certification. Be sure to check the list that SEB sends over every other week to make sure all new applicants with reservations are listed!

4. While the applicant is under review with SEB, be sure to send the notices detailed in the Section “Notices To ALL Applicants Undergoing Certification With SEB” on pg 7. Sending these notices is critical!


SEB Housing Review: When SEB concludes that an application is incomplete, they will contact the applicant directly with a specific checklist of information of documentation that is missing and will cc the Leasing Office so that the Leasing Office knows what documentation is missing. If/When the applicant has questions about the missing documentation, they should be told to contact SEB directly. The checklist that SEB provides will be based on the documentation that has been submitted to date. Upon the submission of missing documentation, SEB may become aware of additional undisclosed documentation that needs to be provided and may amend the missing documentation checklist. When SEB determines that a file is complete and the applicant is eligible, they will notify both the applicant and the Leasing Office.

5. Once the household is approved by SEB Housing, SEB will send the applicant and the Leasing Office the Tenant Income Certification (“TIC”) Worksheet and Approval. Make sure that the information on the Tenant Income Certification is consistent with the information the applicant provided on their lease as this is the best and easiest way to ensure that we are reviewing the materials for the same household composition that will be moving into an affordable unit. The Leasing Office will need to complete the Tenant Income Certification Worksheet and have the tenant sign it, and the Leasing Office will have to complete a Tenant Income Certification Approval form and sign it. After the TIC Worksheet and Approval forms have been completed and signed, a lease can be signed.
6. When the lease is signed, please have the applicant sign an Affordable Housing Lease Addendum.