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FAQ on Affordable and BPDA and Inclusionary Housing Consultants

I received an email that I needed to send my re-certification for an affordable apartment. When is it due? How can I get it?

What you received was just an automated friendly reminder, as we suggest applicants to submit their Re-certification application and supporting documentation 100-120 days prior to their lease end, as application processing might take up weeks to complete. You must complete the recertification process with SEB Housing at least 60 days prior to your lease expiring (please check your lease for details)is fast approaching and you cannot renew your lease without first being recertified as Program Eligible, so please be sure to get us everything immediately
The leasing office should be able to provide you with a copy of your re-certification application, but we can also send you one upon your request.

My SO is moving in / my child is moving out. What do I need to do?

For all changes in your household composition, your first step should be to contact your leasing office and discuss this with them. Once you have changed your household composition on the lease, the leasing office can notify you of what is required (as often times adding household members or changing household composition will require that a new certification must be completed).

My housing authority won’t give me a copy of my section 8 voucher. What should I do?

Unfortunately, either a copy of your voucher or some documentation showing you have a mobile housing subsidy is required to complete your application.
However, we do understand that it can be difficult to obtain a copy of your voucher before you move. If you are having trouble obtaining a copy of your voucher, you could try contacting the authority that issues your voucher to obtain a signed statement on their letterhead confirming that you have a mobile housing voucher.

You asked for a notarized letter from X. But X doesn’t live in (location name) and can’t get something notarized. What am I supposed to do?

We understand that it may be more difficult to obtain a notarized letter in (insert location) than it would be here in Massachusetts. However, we ask for the notarized letter because that is the documentation normally required in a case like this, according to the regulations of the program you are applying for.
There are some countries outside the US where applicants have been able to obtain notarized documents (in the past, applicants have emailed us notarized documents from Mexico, South Korea and Egypt for example). Please understand that the document provided can be in another language, but you must also provide an official English translation of the document.

Can I have a co-signer or a guarantor? (For Post-Lottery properties)

Co-signers and guarantors are not permitted under the affordable housing program guidelines, anyone who is listed on the application must be part of the household moving into the unit, and the household moving into the unit must be able to meet the management company’s criteria in being able to afford the rent based on the income received by all household members

What if I am not divorced but I don’t want to apply with my spouse?

Unfortunately, all legally married couples shall both be considered part of the household, even if separated, and children can only be considered part of the household if a head of household has at least joint physical custody of the child

If you have not filed for divorce, your spouse’s income, asset, and tax documentation must be submitted as part of the household. And per the FAQ in the Info Packet: