Community Service Manager

Community Service Manager


  • Applicant-Facing:
    • Work directly with applicants in the processing of certification applications and supporting documentation from applicants to ensure 40B and BPDA housing program compliance. Maintain diplomacy and good communication with applicants. 
    • Continually review applicant information and processing procedures with the eventual goal of improving current/ongoing SEB processes. 
    • Continually update and improve processes, forms and templates used by staff to more effectively and efficiently manage coordination with applicants. 
  • Client/Municipal-Facing:
    • Oversee transition of communications from project development team at SEB to communications/processing team (for both new construction and existing assets), and oversee/train new clients so they understand division of action items and become familiar with SEBs processes and protocols. 
    • Draft reports and track progress of applicants through the certification process and coordinate reports and action items with on-site management teams, including determining where additional resources may be needed. 
    • Continually update and improve internal processes/reporting so that coordination with clients/properties is clearer and more effective. 
    • Analyze reports to design and update and improve rates of property stabilization to ensure consistent stabilization across various regions and housing types. 
    • Draft, execute and track initial and ongoing marketing programming with state/municipal agencies and properties, and also work to create a new system to more effectively manage the coordination of these tasks. 
    • Oversee submission of reports and audit requirements to program administrators and municipalities, including any additional clarification or remediation efforts as required. 
  • Internal:
    • Draft/update protocols for administrative team, oversee implementation and consistency with drafted admin protocols. 
    • Work with staff (coordinate with admin team) in implementing approved marketing and tenant selection plans. 
    • Assist in improving company website, messaging, and branding. 
    • Assist in SEB Housing’s hiring procedures, and coordinate interviews with job applicants. 
    • Provide services related to market research and relationship management for SEB Housings job/client development, including tracking of new developments in Boston and Eastern MA that have affordable housing components, and creating leads and tracking outreach and marketing to the developers in an effort to continue to grow future business. 
  • May supervise 5 – 7 housing processors.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance, Marketing, or Communications
  • 3 years of experience with the following:
    • 40B, Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA), and MA Affordable Housing Program regulations and protocols; 
    • coordinating and communicating the operations of affordable housing programs to management, municipal, and internal teams; 
    • coordinating outside audits/reviews by Housing Program Administrators; 
    • management of Housing Compliance Officers; and 
    • 40B and BPDA Housing Program Certifications.

Occasional telecommuting possible.

Full-time position.

Apply to: brian@sebhousing.com. Refer to job code PM22.