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Basic Public Hearing Protocol
Open the hearing and read the public hearing notice.
Introduce the ZBA members sitting on the case, including any associate member appointed pursuant to G.L. c. 40A, § 12.
Explain public hearing “basics” so the applicant and public can anticipate how the ZBA will conduct the hearing and know what to expect along the way. (Some ZBAs have a short “code of conduct” poster at the front of the hearing room as a reminder, and also as an aid to people who arrive after the hearing has opened). If the ZBA customarily ends meetings at a certain time, the public should be told at the outset so they are not surprised later.
Read correspondence into the record. (If town staff or members of boards that submitted comments are in the hearing room, acknowledge them.)
Invite the developer to present the project.
After the developer’s presentation, give ZBA members time to ask questions.