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BPDA and Affordable Housing Agents for Lotteries

Once the ZBA determines the issues it needs to focus on, the procurement process for technical (peer) review consultants should proceed unless in-house staff can provide support to the board. Peer re¬view should focus on important issues that are appropriate for the ZBA to consider. These are typical peer review services for comprehensive permit projects:
Traffic: Where the issue of traffic is properly before the ZBA, it is often the first application com-ponent to be scheduled for discussion at a public hearing. The peer review consultant typically reviews the developer’s traffic impact and access study, the proposed plan for vehicular and pe-destrian circulation, and connectivity to adjacent roads, sidewalks, public pathways, and bicycle facilities.
Site civil engineering: Site/civil peer review usually involves assistance from a registered profes¬sional engineer to review the developer’s site plan and proposed cuts and fills, earth removal, storm water management, water and wastewater infrastructure, and proposed waivers from local bylaws/ordinances and regulations, to the extent necessary to support the ZBA’s decision.
Environmental impact: For projects involving waivers of a local wetlands bylaw and/or a local wet-lands conservancy district, a wetlands scientist should be hired to review the application and its impact on wetlands, vernal pools, groundwater and surface water quality and to make recommen-dations to the ZBA in consultation with the Conservation Commission.