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BPDA and Affordable Housing Agents Consultants

Planning for low- or moderate-income housing should be integrated with the city or town master

plan. Doing so can help communities identify the best locations for multifamily housing, plan for the

public improvements that will be needed to guide development toward those locations, and plan for

adequate facilities to accommodate household and population growth. With realistic zoning for multifamily housing and inclusionary housing requirements, communities can create low- or moderate-income housing without Chapter 40B comprehensive permits. In addition, adopting and implementing a

master plan with effective and implemented strategies for housing affordability and that have actually

produced SHI Eligible Housing, may provide justification for a ZBA if it denies a comprehensive permit

that is plainly inconsistent with the plan. The HAC has occasionally upheld such denials if the plan

was legitimate, up to date, and actively used to manage growth and change and produce SHI Eligible