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BPDA and 40B and affordable housing apartments and homeownership

From Application to Public Hearing
As soon as the ZBA receives a comprehensive permit request, the application and plans should be sent to boards and departments that usually participate in the development review process. Since the ZBA acts in place of municipal boards whose local regulations would normally apply, obtaining comments from them is critical for the ZBA to reach an informed decision and craft appropriate conditions of approval. The following boards, commissions, and departments should receive a copy of the comprehensive permit application and be asked to attend the public hearing in addition to providing written comments:

Planning Board
Conservation Commission
Board of Health
Design Review Board (if one exists)
Housing Partnership or Affordable Housing Trust
Board of Water or Sewer Commissioners
Department of Public Works
Police Department
Fire Department
Building Inspector
Historic District Commission (if the site is located in a local historic district under G.L. c. 40C)
Economic Development and Industrial Commission (if site is located in an industrial area).