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BPDA 40R and 40B Housing Questions

Can I apply to the post-lottery affordable properties on your website?

Thank you for your interest in affordable housing! The property you are inquiring about is a post-lottery property, at this point you need to contact the leasing office and ask for a Waiting List Application so you can be placed on the waiting list for an affordable unit. The leasing office manages their waiting list so we do not know the status of the Waiting List but if you contact them, they should be able to help.
Their contact info is: [provide the leasing office general contact info]

The deadline for the lottery was yesterday, can I still send my application?

Unfortunately, applications needed to be 100% completed by the deadline, no exceptions. If you still wish to be added to the Waiting Lists for this property, you will need to contact the Leasing Office AFTER the lottery to see if/when they are accepting Waiting List Applications (to add households to the Waiting Lists established by the lottery).

I have been on the waiting list for an Affordable unit for a while, what is my current position? Why haven’t I heard anything form SEB or the Leasing office?

You need to reach out to the leasing office of the property to inquire about your position on the waiting list. The Leasing Office of the property manages their Waiting List, and we do not have access to that information. If you have tried the Leasing Office multiple times and have not heard a response, let us know and we can follow-up as they should be getting back to households directly.

How can I send my Affordable housing application to SEB? *For everything that is not BPDA

You can send your application and supporting documentation to this email address [info@sebhousing.com], please make sure the files you attached are legible and in PDF format.
You can also fax them to 617-782-4500, mail them to 257 Hillside Ave, Needham MA 02494 or drop them at out office at the same address. We have a 24-hour, secure drop-box on the left side of our office building and our office hours are 9am to 4pm. If you decide to mail your information, we recommend that you send it with delivery confirmation and/or tracking so that you can confirm that it was delivered (as we are not responsible for documents that were lost in the mail).

I dropped off my documents in your drop-box, did you receive them?

Yes, your documents have been received and are currently in queue to be processed, you will receive a notice once they’ve been complete reviewed by our compliance team.
Please note that this is just a confirmation of receipt.

Am I eligible for the affordable housing lottery on your website?

We suggest that you first review the Info Packets associated with the property you are interested in. The info packet will cover the income requirements and additional eligibility requirements for housing. When considering your household income, remember that (in general) the income from all income sources is counted for everyone 18 years and older who would be occupying the unit (more details on that are in the Info Packet).
We are unable to provide further eligibility answers until we receive your application and supporting documentation (if applicable) and our compliance team can review all your document. Once your application has been completely reviewed you will receive a notice with further information of your eligibility status.
Please be sure to submit your application prior to the given deadline.