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Affordable Rental Housing

I sent you my payment histories. Why do you keep asking for my pay stubs?

Hello Applicant,
Unfortunately, the affordable housing policy does not allow payment/check histories as pay stubs or proof of income. This is because the program (and eventually the monitoring agents/auditors) need to be able to see information such as gross income, pay period, frequency of pay, year-to-date income, and any possible additional benefits (like 401ks) in confirming eligibility.
As we need to implement the requirements, we need your pay stubs in order to make an accurate income assessment to determine your eligibility. So, please reach out to your employer and ask for a copy of your five most recent consecutive pay stubs.
Hope this clarifies,

I am on maternity leave and currently do not have recent pay stubs, what can I do?

In lieu of your most recent pay stubs, please provide the following information from your employer;

1. The date you started your maternity leave
2. Your anticipated date to return to work
3. Any benefits you are currently receiving
4. Your pay rate on return to work

Please note, that this is just a preliminary answer to your questions, as upon review, our compliance team will determine if we require more documentation from you, for your application to be complete.
Kind regards,

4. Self-Employment Affidavit

I sent one page of the Self-employment affidavit, why did I get an incomplete notice about this?

Unfortunately, the affidavit received was incomplete, all pages of the SEB Housing Self-Employment Affidavit must be completed and submitted to our office, and it must be consistent with all your supporting documentation. i.e. receipts, notes, bank statements, and all items applicable to your type of business. So please carefully read the example and re-submit for the review of our compliance team.

Can your office assist me to fill-out my SE Affidavit?

Unfortunately, no, we cannot assist you to fill out your SE Affidavit as we cannot tell you what information/numbers to disclose on your own affidavit, especially as it relates to your own finances/income/business. It is all applicant’s responsibility to report all sources of income to our office. So please, carefully read all instructions and follow the given example to the best of your ability. Once you have completed the form entirely and submitted it, and if there are additional questions, we can better assist you.

What does supporting documentation for the self-employment affidavit means? What counts as supporting documentation?

Supporting documentation are all documents that will help us confirm the income you are reporting in your SE Affidavit, and they vary based on the nature of the self-employment.
So, for example, someone who drives for Uber or Lyft can get pay statements from Uber/Lyft showing how much they drove and how much they made for a week. Or they can get monthly tax summaries with that same information. However, someone who owns a business has different kinds of documents that might be required, such as invoice history, revenue history, quarterly tax returns, business checking/savings accounts, or previous year’s tax forms.
Please note, that this is just a preliminary answer to your questions, as upon review, our compliance team will determine if we require more documentation from you, in order for you application to be complete.so please gather all documents available and follow the SE Affidavit instructions.