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Affordable Housing Lotteries in MA

Certification Process for New Applicants For Vacated Units

Your office will process applicants just as they do market rate applicants but your office will use the Waiting Lists established by the original lottery to contact households and assign units. Be sure that you are familiar with and follow all the details in the section in this Plan called “Notes On All Lease Application Screening For Affordable Unit Applicants” on pg 7. The steps are as follows:

1. When an affordable unit will be available, the Leasing Office needs to contact households at the top of the Waiting List for that unit size and give them at least a 5 day notice to come in to complete your Lease Application for the available unit(s). The Leasing Office can invite more applicants than there are units available (and we recommend inviting between 5 and 8), but it is critical that if they do, they:

(A) Give a clear deadline date by when they must complete a lease application (typically 5 business days after the invitation is sent out), and

(B) Make it very clear that you are contacting multiple people for remaining available units and completing a lease application does not guarantee that a unit will be available and if a household ahead of them on the Waiting List is found eligible for a lease that household will be offered the unit even if they completed the Lease Application a day or two after a household lower on the Waiting List (so long as they completed it by the deadline given), and

(C) Maintain the order on the Waiting List when offering units (i.e. if you contact 5 households from the 1BR list to come in and apply for 2 remaining 1BR units, and the households with the three lowest positions of the 5 come in that day, you cannot have them reserve a unit until the households with the two highest positions of the 5 invitees come in and apply or miss the deadline to apply or apply and are denied).

(D) Send a written notification (email is sufficient) to the households who failed to respond to the invitation by the given deadline that they have been removed from the Waiting List and if that if they wish to remain on the Waiting Lists, they may complete a Waiting List Application and will be added to the bottom of the respective Waiting List.

2. When an applicant completes a Lease Application, they should also complete the Lease Application Addendum (provided by SEB). This will facilitate management of affordable housing program as it requires applicants to complete the Certification process within 10 days.