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Affordable Housing in my area

„„ Preliminary site development plans with the locations and outlines of proposed buildings; the proposed
locations, general dimensions, and materials for streets, drives, parking areas, walks and
other paved areas; and proposed landscaping improvements. Any project of five or more units
must have a site plan stamped by a registered professional architect or engineer.
„„ An existing conditions report on the proposed site and the surrounding areas.
„„ Preliminary, scaled architectural drawings prepared by a registered architect, with typical floor
plans, elevations, and sections, including construction type and finishes.
„„ Tabulation of proposed buildings by type, size, and footprint, impervious coverage, and open
space, including percentage of tract to be occupied by buildings, parking and paved vehicular areas.
„„ A preliminary subdivision plan, if the project involves a subdivision.
„„ A preliminary utilities plan (water, wastewater, drainage, and storm water management facilities).