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Affordable Housing Consultants MA

Some communities do not need an outside consultant because they already have knowledgeable staff in the planning department and the staff have time to help the ZBA. Others rely on town counsel or the city solicitor to help the ZBA. However, the developer cannot be required to pay for the municipal attorney’s time to attend Chapter 40B public hearings or provide general Chapter 40B advice to the ZBA, and that cost is not covered by the MHP contracts. Whether the ZBA chair, the ZBA’s consultant, or a town department head drafts comprehensive permit decision, it should be reviewed by the municipal attorney before the ZBA signs it and files it with the city or town clerk. (This is true for other types of permits, too.) 3. Provide comprehensive permit training for the ZBA. Many aspects of the comprehensive permit process are similar to what ZBAs already do for other types of petitions, but the differences that do exist can be troublesome for inexperienced ZBA members.