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Affordable Housing Consultants and rental housing

Comprehensive Permit Application
Just as the state Zoning Act requires ZBAs to adopt administrative regulations (G.L. c. 40A, § 12), Chapter
40B requires the ZBA to adopt rules for the conduct of comprehensive permit proceedings. DHCD’s
Chapter 40B regulations can be relied upon for local practice (760 CMR 56.05), but each ZBA should
adopt and publish its own rules consistent with DHCD’s regulations. The local rules should include
an application form, fee schedule, and the procedures the ZBA will follow to hire consultants (as required
by G.L. c. 44, § 53G). The application form should be clear about what the ZBA needs, bearing in
mind that comprehensive permit developers do not have to submit detailed plans. In addition, the fee
schedule must be reasonably similar to the fees the community charges for other types of residential
development applications, e.g., subdivisions or developments requiring a special permit. DHCD’s regulations
identify the following basic submission requirements.