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Q: What is the application, selection, and move-in process for the affordable apartments in Halyard?

A: The process is essentially a two-step process.

The first step is to qualify for the Affordable Housing Program and be given a position on the Waiting Lists.

The second step is to be found Lease Eligible and reserve a unit (and unit availability will be determined by your position on the Waiting Lists).

The following pages explain each step in greater detail.

Step 1a: Applying for the Housing Program
through February 12th, 2021
Step 1b: The Lottery
February 25th, 2021
Step 1c: Waiting Lists
Established the night of the lottery
Step 2a: Notification of Lottery Results and Lease Application Invitation
1-5 days after the lottery
Step 2b: Leasing Office Review and Unit Selection

1-14 days after the lottery

Step 2c: File Update

Required for households moving into units coming online 6+ months from the lottery

Yearly Eligibility and Rent Review

30-90 days prior to lease renewal

There will also be an Informational Workshop on January 11th, 2021 at 6:00 pm where questions about the lottery and the development can be addressed directly. For online access, go to https://youtu.be/1CVjPJsGXlY (or search “SEB Housing” in YouTube). For conference call access, dial 425.436.6200 access code – 862627

Step 1a: Applying for the Affordable Housing Program

Once a household reads this Information Packet in its entirety, they will need to fill out a Program Application. The applying household must include all income, asset, tax documentation as directed by the Program Application for every person that will be residing in the apartment. The Program Application must be signed and dated.

The Program Application and Required Documentation must delivered (or postmarked) by February 11th, 2021. All applications should be sent to:

SEB Housing
Re: Halyard
257 Hillside Ave.
Needham, MA 02494

To ensure applications arrive in time, we recommend sending them in at least a week prior to the application deadline. Late applications will not be accepted- NO EXCEPTIONS! If you want to ensure your application is received, we recommend sending it by certified mail. The Lottery Agent, Management Agent, Owner and other affiliated entities are not responsible for lost or late applications.

Once a completed Program Application is received with ALL Required Documentation, SEB Housing will determine initial eligibility and compliance.

If the applicant is determined to be eligible for the Lottery, they will receive an Application Number in the order in which their completed application was received. The purpose of the Application Number is simply to keep all household’s names unknown when the Application Numbers are drawn at the lottery.

Households that are deemed ineligible by the Lottery Agent will be notified by mail (or by email if an email address is provided).

Entrance into the Lottery does not guarantee that a household is eligible for an affordable apartment. Please read all of the following steps for further details on the review process.

Q: What happens if I don’t submit all necessary documentation or fail to correctly complete my Affordable Housing Program Application?

A: Households that submit incomplete documentation will be mailed a notice detailing the additional documentation that is needed to make their application complete. Their application will remain in an “Incomplete Application Pool” until all requested materials have been received. Households with applications in the Incomplete Application Pool will not be entered into the Lottery. Households not entered into the lottery may be added to the Waiting Lists (created the night of the lottery) by completing a Waiting List Application at the Leasing Office after the lottery date