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Affordable Apartments

I already sent the transaction history the bank gave me, why do you keep asking for bank statements?

Unfortunately, under this affordable housing program, transaction histories cannot be accepted as bank statements. You therefore need to provide official statements. Usually you can download the full statements through online banking (and the must be the full statements, screen shots are not sufficient) or you can go to your local branch and they can provide the full monthly statements. They will have a lot of important information, such all monthly transactions, statement balance at the beginning and end of the month, monthly average balance, account number, account holder, among other important official information that only an official bank statement contains.

The deposits you are asking about are on my bank statement, why do you keep asking for explanation and documentation?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept bank statements as proof of documentation of the mentioned deposits. All deposits in your accounts must be accompanied by supporting documentation to verify the source of the deposits. Please refer to the attached guide for documenting deposits* for more information on how to document your deposits, as an email cannot be considered documentation.
Kind regards,
*attach guide for documenting deposits

I cannot get cash app bank statements, what else can I provide?

We understand you cannot provide bank statements for some cash apps, please first refer to the attached guide for documenting deposits and the most recent incomplete notice you received to learn how to download your 90 days of transaction history for your cash app.
We suggest trying from a desktop computer instead of your phone and to please do not send screen-shoots. If you run into any issues, please reach out to your cash app customer service.

Why do I need to submit these pages from my bank statement? These pages are blank.

Unfortunately, all pages from each official bank statement are required. We understand that some pages are going to blank or may contain technical information from your bank that will not affect your eligibility. However, we (And the monitoring agents/auditors who will eventually review the file) cannot prove that a page is blank without actually seeing the blank page. So simply stating a page is blank does not satisfy this request. Rather, the blank page must be submitted (as silly as that may seem). The guidelines for the affordable housing program require that all submitted statements be complete – meaning that each page of each statement has been submitted (even if some are blank) – before an application can be considered complete.

Why do you need to be able to see the transactions in my bank statement?

We can certainly understand and respect the desire to protect one’s private information. However, unfortunately, we cannot accept redacted bank statements as the redaction affects our ability to identify deposits, as is required under this affordable housing program.
In our experience, documenting deposits can be one of the more difficult parts of the process for households to complete. So, redacting the transactions or their descriptions only stands to hurt the household’s chances of being certified as eligible.

My account is new, and I don’t have three months of bank statements yet, what can I provide?

If your account is new, and you don’t have a bank statement or three, please provide proof of the date the account was opened – must be signed by an authorized bank official, or be an official bank document, along with complete transactions history from the date the account was opened to this date.

I can’t provide my PayPal statement, what can I do?

PayPal does provide monthly statements; applicants have successfully obtained them by following these instructions:
1. Log onto the website from a computer and click on “Activity” on the top of the screen.
2. Click on “Statements” on the right-hand side of the screen and then select the “Standard” option.
3. From here, select the current year. This will allow to select and then download the official monthly statements for your account in PDF form.
4. You can also follow this link to guide you to get the PayPal statement https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/how-do-i-find-a-monthly-statement-of-my-account-activity-faq2053
Please remember that the PayPal statement must show the beginning and ending balance of your account.

I closed my account and no longer have access to statements, what can I provide?

If you no longer hold the mentioned account, please provide proof of closure. This can either be a verification from authorized bank official at the financial institution where the account was held or the last bank statement that shows the closeout withdrawal.

I receive my DOR benefits though a card the DOR gave me, I don’t have bank statements. What can I do? (ONLY If it is the Bank of America Debit Card)

You can also get bank statements for this type of cards by setting up your account on this link https://prepaid.bankofamerica.com/CSECardMA/Home/Index?m=1 and following the online steps to access your transaction history/balance information.