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affordable apartments for 40B

Bi-Annual Reporting Requirements and Annual Audit

Typically the property must submit their rent roll to MHP in February and September of every year (although Carla Cabral at MHP will let you know the schedule). The rent roll should include:

1. Unit number
2. Number of bedrooms in unit
3. Name of Tenant
4. Tenant Income
5. Date of last income certification
6. Household size
7. Tenant Rent
8. Lease start and end date
9. Initial occupancy date
10. Parking assignment if any
11. Minority Status

The bi-annual rent roll report should also be sent to Carla Cabral at MHP [CCabral@mhp.net]

Annual Reporting For Web-Based Reporting System
There is a new policy where MHP Properties MUST annually complete the Web-Based Report (which is a report asking for similar information as above). However, please note that you will ALSO need to track the following information for your applicants/tenants (as SEB does not track the following info as it is not part of the 40B requirements):

1. Ages of all household members
2. If the household was homeless in the previous 12 months
3. If the household receives housing assistance, what type of housing assistance is received

The User Guide (on how to set up an account, how to report the information etc) can be found here: https://hedhsgdevannualreport.azurewebsites.net/Modules/UserGuide.pdf

And the link to the online reporting is here: https://hedhsgdevannualreport.azurewebsites.net/
For questions on the requirements, please contact Caitlin Fortin at MHP: (617) 330-9944 x 247

Annual Audit

MHP’s annual audit will look at all new lease-ups and a sample of existing files as well as wait list compliance and fair marketing. Typically the audit will be done in September/October. Contact Carla Cabral at MHP [CCabral@mhp.net] for details on the timing of the audit.

Annual Update of Waiting Lists

Every year the property needs to contact all households on their Waiting Lists to confirm their continued interest. Notices need to be sent to all households. Please read the Tenant Selection Plan for all details.

Rent Changes
Affordable Rents should change once a year (but MHP may require them to change twice a year: once when HUD publishes the AMI and once when the Utility Allowances are updated). Before implementing any rent change, approval must be given by the subsidizing agency and tenants have to be given at least 30 days notice of the change. Rents will not change in the middle of a lease. If a household is renewing a lease, they should be given this 30 day (minimum) notice.