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Affordable and Workforce Housing Program Application Process

Application Process

Applications for program resources will be reviewed and funds made available to projects on a
rolling basis until such time as the CommonWealth Builder funds are committed.
Applications must include all sections of the CWB Application (available upon request), which
includes the following sections of the OneStop application:
 Project Description
 Development Team Summary
 Sources and Use of Funds
 Signature Page
In addition, applications must also include the following:
 Site Information
 Mass Historic Commission Project Notification Form, listing MassHousing CommonWealth
Builder funds
 Environmental Information (including an ESA Phase 1)
 Evidence of Zoning Approval
 Evidence of Site Control
 For condominium projects, a Homeownership Association (HOA) budget and draft condominium
 An Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (AFHMP) per DHCD guidelines, available at
 A description of the process for marketing to individuals and families traditionally excluded from
the home purchase market. This may include working with community organizations who
provide education and training to potential first-time homebuyers as well as other organizations
and community stakeholders to market the opportunity to purchase units to all eligible
constituents. This narrative is intended to complement the AFHMP.
 Evidence of municipal support
 Local Preference Justification from the Municipality (if applicable)
 Market study preferred (appraisal from Construction Lender is also acceptable)
 Construction Lender Term Sheet
 Information on the sponsor and Developer’s background and prior experience with similar
 Evidence of sponsor and Developer financial capacity
 Schematic Design level drawings and preliminary specifications, or permit set if available