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40B Consultants Overview

Rejection Notices

In carrying out the Tenant Selection Plan & Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan, VIVA, or their assigns, will not discriminate against any person or persons on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, ancestry, children, familial status, genetic information, marital status, public assistance recipiency, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran/military status or any other basis prohibited by law in any aspect of tenant selection or matters related to continued occupancy.

An applicant may be denied for the following reasons:

a) Is ineligible for occupancy requirements of a particular unit;

b) Has household characteristics that are not appropriate for the specific type of unit available at the time, or has a family of a size not appropriate for the unit sizes that are available; however, the applicant may continue to wait for another unit;

c) Does not meet the tenant screening criteria.

If an applicant is to be denied, the Agent shall send a written response to each applicant advising such applicant of the statues of the application. The response will be mailed not more than thirty (30) days from the date of receipt. Alternative formats for responding to an applicant with a disability will be provided upon applicant’s request.

The letter will include:

• The reason(s) for the rejection;

• Notice that the applicant has fourteen (14) days to respond in writing or to request a conference with the Agent to dispute the rejection. The conference will be held by a member of the Agent’s staff who was not involved in the initial decision to deny admission or assistance.

• Notice that the applicant or his/her representative, prior to or at the conference with the Agent, has the right to inspect the documentation on the basis on which the rejection was made and any other documentation pertinent to the applicant’s eligibility, suitability, qualifications or entitlement to status. The Agent shall make reasonable arrangements for photocopying any such documentation as he applicant may specify with sufficient advance notice, expect that in the case of a credit report, the applicant shall obtain the report from the credit reporting agency.

• Notice that the applicant has the right to request a reasonable accommodation if the applicant believes that, with such an accommodation, the applicant would be suitable for admission and that the applicant was rejected for a reason arising from the applicant’s disability.