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40B and Affordable Housing Units

Establishing the Waiting Lists

The Management Company does NOT need to worry about how the Waiting Lists were initially established as SEB will have handled that through the initial lottery process. SEB will compile the first waiting lists for the affordable units using the households in the lottery. Immediately after the lottery, SEB will send the Waiting Lists to the Leasing Office.

Prior to the lottery, the leasing office must not distribute the Waiting List Application or accept any Waiting List applications (as, again, the Waiting List can only be established using applicants who were in the lottery)

Maintaining the Waiting Lists (After the Lottery and Beyond)

Only after the lottery, the Leasing Office should give interested households (who weren’t in the lottery) a Waiting List Application. The Leasing Office will receive Waiting List Applications, add households to the Waiting Lists in the appropriate manner and maintain the Waiting List according to the program requirements (see the details in the Ongoing Marketing Plan).

Please see the details on Lottery Applicants, Post-Lottery Applicants and Current Tenants for how the certification and lease eligibility review will be done for each type of household.