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40B Affordable Housing Lottery Consultant

Subsidy: assistance provided by a Subsidizing Agency to assist the construction or substantial rehabilitation of Low or Moderate Income Housing, including direct financial assistance; indirect financial assistance through insurance, guarantees, tax relief, or other means; and non-financial assistance, including in-kind assistance, technical assistance, and other supportive services. A leased housing, tenant-based rental assistance, or housing allowance program shall not be considered a Subsidy.

Uneconomic: any condition imposed by a Board in its approval of a Comprehensive Permit, brought

about by a single factor or a combination of factors, to the extent that it makes it impossible (a) for a public agency or a nonprofit organization to proceed in building or operating a Project without financial loss, or (b) for a Limited Dividend Organization to proceed and still realize a reasonable return in building or operating such Project within the limitations set by the Subsidizing Agency on the size

or character of the Project, or on the amount or nature of the Subsidy or on the tenants, rentals, and income permissible, and without substantially changing the rent levels and unit sizes proposed by the Applicant. See 760 CMR 56.02, 56.05(8)(d) and the definitions above for Amount, Applicable 10-Year

U.S. Treasury Rate, Minimum Return on Total Cost, Net Operating Income, Return on Total Cost, and ROTC Threshold Increment.

Use Restriction: a deed restriction or other legally binding instrument in a form consistent with the DHCD Guidelines and, in the case of a Project subject to a Comprehensive Permit, in a form also approved by the Subsidizing Agency, which meets the requirements of the Guidelines.